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Church safety and security materials and training available

The North Carolina Sheriffs Association has produced training materials be used by sheriffs and their personnel to train places of worship to develop security plans designed to minimize harm in the event of an active shooter.

The NCSA Church and Place of Worship Security materials that all sheriffs’ offices in North Carolina can use to provide training for church security are available upon request to churches and places of worship. The training is designed to teach church personnel and members how to develop a security policy and a plan to attempt to prevent critical incidents and how to react if a critical incident occurs during worship services.

Topics in the training materials include: conducting a security risk assessment, developing a place of worship security plan, responding to and immediately after a critical incident and the need for crisis intervention stress management afterwards.

Any church or worship organization desiring to have this training and these materials provided to them, may simply click here to e-mail us and provide us with the name, address and telephone number for the church or place of worship and the name, address and the person who should be contacted to arrange for the delivery of the materials and attendance at the training sessions. In addition, persons with responsibility for church security may telephone the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office – Office of Legal Counsel – at (910) 321-6764 to arrange for the training and delivery of the training materials.

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