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This report shows the number of incidents per Offense Type and then per Subdvision. Click the "show" link to see the Subdivision details.
  Offense Type Count
All Other Offenses 8
Animal Cruelty 0
Arson 0
Bribery 0
Burglary 0
Calls for Services 2
Damage to Property 3
Drugs/Narcotics Offenses 1
Embezzlement 0
Extortion/Blackmail 0
Fraud 2
Gambling 0
Homicide 0
Kidnapping/Abduction 0
Larceny 3
Motor Vehicle Theft 0
Obscene Material/Pornography 0
Prostitution 0
Robbery 0
Simple/Aggravated Assault 7
Stolen Property 0
Weapons Violations 1

Note: This information is being provided pursuant to N.C.G.S. 132-1.4. The forgoing information is provided solely for the convenience of the reader and is not intended to replace any official source. Please be advised further that this site is not inclusive of all crimes investigated or reported by and through the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office. Furthermore, information that is not subject to disclosure under the states public records law is not accessible via this site and can only be provided pursuant to a court order, except that any accident reports may be obtained through the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.