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If you have an emergency, or you need to report a crime in progress, please do not use this page to report it. Instead, call 911, and report the emergency and the crime to the 911 operator/dispatcher.

With the exception of a 911 emergency, incidents or criminal activity should be reported to the law enforcement agency that covers the area where the crime or incident took place.

Although the Sheriff’s jurisdiction includes the entire county including those parts of the county located inside the city or town limits of the various municipalities in Cumberland County, generally crimes committed inside the geographic limits of the City of Fayetteville should be reported to the Fayetteville Police Department (910) 433-1530, and those in the Town of Hope Mills should be reported to the Hope Mills Police Department (910) 425-4103, and those in the Town of Spring Lake should be reported to the Spring Lake Police Department (910) 436-2500.

To Report Criminal Activity Which is NOT An Emergency situation, please call the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office at (910) 323-1500 or complete the form below:

If you have an Emergency, or need to report a Crime in Progress, do NOT use this form. Instead, please call 911.

This application is provided to enable citizens to easily report non-emergency incidents. Incidents reported on-line where there are UNKNOWN suspects will be deemed inactive and there will be no follow-up conducted by the Sheriff’s Office.

Truthfulness is required.

Personal Information:

Criminal Activity:

Please enter the date in the following format: 01/01/2016 (Month/Day/Year)

Victims of the Crime:

Witness of the Crime:

Evidence of the Crime:

Do you have or do you know whether anyone has any of the following items relevant to the crime?

Person Who Committed the Crime:

Do you know the name of the person who committed the crime or was involved in the criminal activity?

If so, please provide the following information:

False reporting of a crime is itself a crime which will be prosecuted.

Under North Carolina General Statute § 14-225 making a false report to law enforcement agencies or officers is punishable as a crime. It is a criminal offense to make any false, misleading, or unfounded report, through this website, that is intended to interfere with, hinder, or obstruct a law enforcement officer from doing his or her duties.



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