The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) establishes a zero-tolerance standard against sexual assaults and rapes of incarcerated persons. It is Public Law 108-79, signed in September 2003 by President Bush.

In Addition, PREA sets a standard that protects the Eighth Amendment rights of Federal and State prisons, jails, lock-ups and juvenile facilities—making the prevention of sexual assault a top priority. It also increases available data on sexual misconducts and sexual assault. Furthermore, it increases the accountability for administrators who fail to prevent, reduce, and punish sexual misconduct and sexual assaults.

CCSO Compliance
It is the policy of the CCSO to comply with all standards within PREA. In accordance with PREA standard 115.11, the CCSO has established a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of sexual misconduct, incidents involving inmate-on-inmate sexual violence, and all forms of staff sexual misconduct/harassment toward inmates regardless of consensual status.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office supports the prosecution of persons who commit acts of sexual misconduct to the fullest extent whether administratively or criminally.

Sexual assault is not tolerated at the Cumberland County Detention Facility. It is the policy of the CCSO that sexual abuse by an employee, vendor, contracted agency, volunteer, inmate or other non-organizational member with a business association with the Sheriff’s Office, is prohibited. No individual, no matter his or her title or position has the authority to commit or allow sexual abuse.

This policy applies to all inmates who are identified as being possible victims of sexual abuse or harassment, have been victimized by sexual abuse, or have been identified as perpetrators of sexual abuse or harassment, as well as persons employed by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, volunteers, independent contractors and those who are involved directly or indirectly, in the care and custody of inmates.

Inmates are encouraged to report all allegations of sexual abuse and/or sexual misconduct immediately. This will allow for the quickest response and investigation. Also, the claim or allegation does not have to come from an inmate; it may come from the members of the public such as a friend, family member or loved one.

PREA allegations can be made in several ways:

  • Report directly to a staff member or via an Inmate Request/Grievance Form.
  • Speak with a supervisor or chaplain.
  • Speak with healthcare staff or submit a Medical Request Form.
  • Contacting the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office PREA Coordinator.
  • Inmates can dial directly to Office of professional Standards by dialing 677-5420.
  • Contacting a third party Cumberland County Rape Crisis Hot Line by dialing (910) 485-7273.

You may download the: PREA Complaint Form

Detail your complaint and mail to:
Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office
ATTN: Chief Jailer or IA
204 Gillespie Street
Fayetteville, NC28301

E-mail to: Email

If you have any information regarding an inmate who has been sexually abused in the CCDC Facility, please call the Office of Professional Standards at (910) 677-5420. NOTE: Failure to report any incident, you could be found to have acted with deliberate indifference toward the victim’s health and/or safety.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office collects accurate, uniform data on every allegation of sexual abuse, within the Jail facilities, including other facilities with which we contract for the confinement of our inmates. The PREA Coordinator’s Annual Report is then forwarded to the United States Department of Justice on an annual basis.

Contact Information
If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding our zero-tolerance policy, please contact our PREA Coordinator, Capt. Don Williams.

Prison Rape Elimination Act
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PREA Coordinator’s Annual Report 2013