Accounting / Budgeting

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center has a 37 million dollar budget that is a mix of County, forfeiture, and state and federal grant dollars.  Eighty-two percent (82%) of the Sheriff’s Office budget is personnel expenses, sixteen percent (16%) is operating expenses and the other two percent (2%) is for vehicle and major equipment purchases.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Budget Section ensures that employees are paid and that supplies, equipment, and services needed are purchased and paid for.  The dollars available to operate the Sheriff’s Office and its programs are managed and reported according to county policy and state and federal laws.

Payroll starts with each individual employee and a timesheet, which is reviewed by their supervisor and forwarded to the Budget Section for review and data entry.  Payday is every other Friday.

Orders for supplies and equipment are issued directly to the Sheriff’s Office or through the County Purchasing Office, depending on the amount of the purchase.

Supervisor – Teresa Tyndall – 910-677-5551

Hours of Operation:  M – F 8:00am – 5:00pm

After hour emergencies should contact the Watch Commander at (910) 677-5432