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Victims / Witness Coordinator

ALWAYS CALL 911 if you need Emergency Help!

Victim Coordinator:  (910) 677-5454

Monday-Friday  8:00 am – 5:00 pm 

The Victim & Witness Protection Act                                              

The Federal Victim and Witness Protection Act and the North Carolina Fair Treatment for Victims and Witnesses Act directs that certain services be made available to victims and witnesses of serious crimes, as well as to the families of murder victims and to seriously injured children.

One of the first things to pay attention to is your need to feel safe.  Take precautions to make yourself feel safe, enabling you to restore some sense of being in control.

Know Your Rights…

As a citizen of Cumberland County you are entitled to the following:

§ 15A-830.5. Victim’s rights.
(a) A victim of crime shall be treated with dignity and respect by the criminal justice
(b) A victim has the following rights:
(1) The right, upon request, to reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of court
proceedings of the accused.
(2) The right, upon request, to be present at court proceedings of the accused.
(3) The right to be reasonably heard at court proceedings involving a plea that
disposes of the case or the conviction, sentencing, or release of the accused.
(4) The right to receive restitution in a reasonably timely manner, when ordered by
the court.
(5) The right to be given information about the crime, how the criminal justice
system works, the rights of victims, and the availability of services for victims.
(6) The right, upon request, to receive information about the conviction or final
disposition and sentence of the accused.
(7) The right, upon request, to receive notification of escape, release, proposed
parole or pardon of the accused, or notice of a reprieve or commutation of the
accused’s sentence.
(8) The right to present the victim’s views and concerns in writing to the Governor
or agency considering any action that could result in the release of the accused,
prior to such action becoming effective.
(9) The right to reasonably confer with the district attorney’s office.
(c) This Article does not create a claim for damages against the State, any county or
municipality, or any State or county agencies, instrumentalities, officers, or employees.
(2019-216, s. 3.)

Click the links below for resources and information:

Victim Resources Presentation

E-File locations  Electronically File (E-File) for a 50-B Protection Order – Locations Flyer

Victims Rights – The Crime Victims’ Rights Act / State and National Resources for Victims

Who Can Help – Local Community Services Available to Victims

Victim & Witness Coordinator – (910) 677-5454

* Contact us via E-mail

Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday  8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Call 911 for after  hours emergency help! 


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