Patrol Division

A uniformed road patrol officer is most likely to be the first representative of the Sheriff’s Office to make contact with a citizen of Cumberland County. Therefore, each officer is expected to perform their duties in an efficient, honest, and professional manner.

To maintain this standard, all officers familiarize themselves with the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics as well as the Standard Operating Procedures set forth and enacted by the Sheriff of Cumberland County and all applicable policies, procedures and directives to be followed by employees of Cumberland County.

The main function of the road patrol is to be the first responder to any and all calls for assistance taken by the communications office or calls for service that come through the Watch Commander’s Office.  Patrol Officers will make all initial reports of investigation and forward them to the proper division for further investigation.  The patrol officer will secure all crime scenes, conduct traffic enforcement activities, ensure business security in their assigned areas, effect arrests for misdemeanor violations, serve civil and criminal papers as needed in their assigned areas, transport mental patients to the directed locations, and perform other duties directly related to the road patrol function as assigned.

The road patrol consists of five (5) platoons: “A” Platoon, “B” Platoon, “C” Platoon, “D” Platoon and “E” Platoon. Assigned to each platoon are twelve officers, with the exception of “E” Platoon. “E” Platoon has three officers assigned.  All Platoons are broken down as follows: Watch Commander with the rank of Lieutenant, (1) Senior Sergeant, (1) Sergeant (2) Corporals and (8) Deputies.  “E” Platoon consists of (1) Sergeant and (2) Deputies.

Supervisor – Captain Paul Spiegler– (910) 677-5425

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Hours of Operation:  M – F 8:00am – 5:00pm

After hour emergencies should contact the Watch Commander at (910) 677-5432