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Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Investigations Unit (C.S.I.) provides support services to all divisions of the Sheriff’s Office, as well as any surrounding state and local agency that requests our services.

The Crime Scene Investigator oversees complex felony crime scene investigations, including but not limited to homicides, sexual assaults, armed robberies, felony assaults, home invasions and property crimes. Included in the investigator’s job is the collection, packaging and preservation of evidence located at crime scenes using the latest forensic techniques, tools, equipment and chemicals. The Crime Scene Investigator is then responsible for the proper documentation and for providing testimony to those facts observed and recorded when the case goes to trial.

The Crime Scene Investigations Unit also has the ability to examine and identify fingerprints, in-house, through A.F.I.S. (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) and also the ability to examine and identify ballistics through I.B.I.S. (Integrated Ballistics Identification System). The Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Investigations Unit also has its own photo lab with a full time Photo Lab Technician.  The Photo Lab Technician’s responsibilities include downloading and maintaining photographs taken at crime scenes and processing video evidence.

A crime scene investigator’s main focus is to insure all evidence related to a crime that has been committed, is properly collected and documented.  CSI is responsible for the integrity of all evidence collected… [no matter whether it implicates or exonerates the suspect in a case.]

The Sheriff’s Office Digital Evidence Recovery Specialists conduct complex forensic computer examinations for criminal investigations. The examiners recover evidence from computers, cellular telephones and other digital storage devices such as thumb drives, compact discs, DVD’s, secure digital cards, etc using forensically sound methodologies and provide expert testimony concerning data recovery.

Supervisor – Lt. Samuel Goshorn  – (910) 677-5578

Admin Support – Jessica Boyer – (910) 677-5522

* Contact us via  Email.

Hours of Operation:  M – F 8:00am – 5:00pm

After hour emergencies should contact the Watch Commander at: 910) 677-5432

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