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Victims Rights

The Crime Victims’ Rights Act provides basic rights to victims as they navigate North Carolina’s criminal justice system. Under this law, victims have the right to be notified of the dates and times of court proceedings and the status of appeals. Victims who wish to be kept informed throughout the trial and appeals process should notify the local District Attorney who is prosecuting the case. Once a case has reached the Attorney General’s Office, that office will notify any interested victims.

Victims also have the right to be informed of a convicted defendant’s release date and to voice their concerns when and if the defendant becomes eligible for work release, community leave or probation. For more information, please see the NC Department of Correction Victims’ Services Division.

North Carolinians who need medical attention or who miss work because they were the victim of a crime may also qualify for compensation. Through the Crime Victims Compensation Act, North Carolina established a fund to help victims recover the costs of medical care and lost wages. For more information, please contact the Victims Compensation Fund at the NC Department of Crime Control and Public Safety or call toll-free within NC 1-800-826-6200.

Other Resources

North Carolina Victim Assistance Network (NCVAN)

National Center for Victims of Crime

SAVAN (Statewide Automated Victim Assistance and Notification) or toll-free 1-877- NCSAVAN (627-2826)

North Carolina Department of Justice
Protecting Your Identity

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