Telephone Contact

The North Carolina General Statutes establish the right of an inmate to contact family, friends or other persons to inform them of where they are and their conditions of confinement and what it would take for them to be released.  In addition to any telephone access provided by the arresting agency, the booking area of the jail contains telephones for inmate use which are equipped to provide “free” local calls.  Long Distance calls are made “collect”.

After completing the booking process, inmates remaining in custody will be assigned to a housing unit, where telephones are available in the common areas or “dayrooms.”  Under normal conditions inmates have access to telephones for several hours each day.  Telephones are not available during certain activities such as meals, temporary lockdowns, etc.  Telephone access may be restricted for disciplinary reasons.

If an inmate is attempting to contact you, a recorded message will inform you that the call is from an inmate at the Cumberland County Jail.   During the recorded message, you will receive options to accept the call, refuse the call, be informed of the applied calling charges, or “block future calls” to your telephone number.  A citizen who chooses the “block future calls” option, is provided with GTL’s toll free Customer Support number. This number is also published on telephone bills that include inmate calls.  You will not be charged for the call unless you accept the call through keying in the appropriate option.  The maximum length of the call is 15 minutes.  A recorded message will alert you when the call has reached 14 minutes and there is only one minute remaining.  All calls are subject to monitoring and recording.

Inmates may not receive incoming calls or messages.  In the event of an emergency, please contact a supervisor.  He or she will determine if notification of the inmate is appropriate.

Inmate telephone service is provided by an outside telephone service.

Collect calls are made when an inmate places a call which is accepted and paid for by the receiving party (the inmate’s family or friends.)   Note: Inmates cannot place collect calls to cell phones, business phones, hospitals and many other commercial phone numbers or to telephones that are blocked from receiving collect calls.

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