Mission Statement

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The mission of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is to maintain a high quality of life for all residents and visitors of Cumberland County. We have adopted a philosophy of Community Oriented Law Enforcement working in partnership with citizens to develop policing services to meet the unique needs of the community, while assuring fairness, equal treatment, and protection to all.


The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office vision for the future is to become a leader in Law Enforcement through Partnerships with the citizens we serve that promote crime prevention, mutual trust, and strategies that insure a high standard quality of life. Our future vision of Community Oriented Policing is anchored by the idea of establishing and maintaining a partnership with the community we serve.


Problem Solving: We will use problem solving as a process by which specific neighborhood problems are identified and appropriate concerns and remedies are implemented.

Accountability: We will be accountable by working together in partnership with citizens to identify and alleviate the underlying cause of neighborhood problems.

Resources: We will use the resources and expertise of an array of private, public agencies, and the citizens to find workable solutions to problems that jeopardize the safety and security of the community.

Teamwork: We will encourage teamwork within the Sheriff’s Office, and the community to work together to solve the problems of the community.

Need: We will assess the needs of the community and work together with the community in an attempt to fulfill their needs within accordance of the law.

Excellence: We will encourage innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency through training, skills and effort

Respect: We will pledge to reserve human dignity by caring for the community we serve and ourselves.

Service: We will be committed to continually enhancing the level of service provided to our community.

High Standards: We will constantly strive to meet the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Involvement: We will solicit community involvement in the development of police activities and programs, which impact neighborhoods and the Department.

Professionalism: We will commit ourselves to the highest standards of the law enforcement profession.