Crisis Negotiation Team

In an effort to enhance the overall effectiveness of law enforcement operations, the Sheriff’s Office has established the Crisis Negotiation Team. The purpose of this team is to handle unusual operational activities and problems, including hostage incidents, armed barricaded persons, sniper incidents, aggravated suicide attempts, and other related tactical problems.

The Crisis Negotiation Team’s operational concept is containment and apprehension.   This involves locating and isolating suspects and utilizing special tactics to effect apprehension in a manner that affords minimum peril to law enforcement personnel and citizens who may be directly or indirectly involved.

The Crisis Negotiation Team’s function is classified as a special operational activity and for organizational, supervisory and control purposes, is attached to the Detective Division and comes under the control of the Chief of Detectives.

The safety and freedom of individuals affected directly or indirectly by such incidents is the goal of the Sheriff’s Office when responding to and resolving such incidents. The Crisis Team’s Goal is to seek the release of hostages and to have the offender surrender without the use of force.

The Crisis Negotiation Team consists of two (2) teams of three negotiators having the rank of Deputy through Lieutenant. Each team member is fully trained and capable of directing negotiation operations.